NFL Draft 2001: Ed's Mock Draft


Round 1

1 Micheal Vick QB Virginia Tech
I don't think Vick is the all world player that most do but he is the top QB in this draft and has lots of potential.
2 Gerald Warren DT Florida
The Cardinals need help at DE and DT. Justin Smith is also a possibility here.
3 Deuce McAllister RB Mississippi
The Browns need a feature back, McAllister will complement Couch and company nicely.
4 Justin Smith DE Missouri
Smith is the best all around DL in the draft. He will give the Bengals an immediate pass rush and run stopping help.
5 David Terrell WR Michigan
Terrell couldn't fall much further. He is the top prospect in this draft and the Falcons would love to grab him at #5. I don't think the foot injury will be a major concern.
6 Leonard Davis OT Texas
The Pats seem content to go with the Redmon/Faulk combination one more year so the addition of Davis helps both Bledsoe and the running game.
7 Koren Robinson WR NC State
Finally, a true replacement for Joey Galloway.
8 Andre Carter DE California
The Bears are going to pass on Bennett and Tomlinson here and help out their defense for a second straight year.
9 LaDanian Tomlinson RB TCU
The signing of Derek Smith means Morgan probably won't be the pick. The 49ers still have lots of needs on defense but this should take care of the RB situation. Could give Carter a look too if Tomlinson is gone.
10 Jamal Reynolds DE Florida St.
The Pack moved up to land a DE. If Smith, Carter, and Reynolds are all gone, a WR could be the pick.
11 Drew Brees QB Purdue
Probably a reach here and could be first big surprise of draft but QB situation in looks grim. Carolina Kenyatta Walker is also an option.
12 Micheal Bennett RB Wisconsin
Chiefs will draft Bennett and try to fill QB opening via free agency or trade.
13 Kenyatta Walker OT Florida
Have needs at tackle and guard. Walker is a solid pick. Hutchinson is a possibility if Walker and Davis are gone.
14 Fred Smoot CB Mississippi St.
Buffalo will give the Bryson/Morris combination another year to improve before making a move at RB. They take the best cover corner in the draft here.
15 Dan Morgan LB Miami
Could use a WR too but there is so much depth at WR they can wait until 2nd round. Morgan can replace Derek Smith at MLB and Arrington can stay at his natural OLB position.
16 Richard Seymour DT Georgia
They passed on Pennington last year and it seems they'll pass on Brees this year. Seymour is the pick.
17 Nate Clements CB Ohio St.
Already signed Randle and Eaton so a DT may not be the pick here anymore. Holmgren address top two needs on each side of the ball in first round.
18 Gary Baxter CB Baylor
Big, stong DB that can play S or CB. The Lions can use his versatility against the big WRs in the NFC Central. Jamar Fletcher could also be an option.
19 Derrick Gibson S Florida St.
I don't think they'll draft a WR here after the siging of Hatchette. Gibson could solve the Jets rotating door at Safety for a while. He comes from a top program and has lots of experience.
20 Casey Hampton DT Texas
Defense killed the Rams last year, they need all the help they can get.
21 Jeff Backus OT Michigan
Bucs will look to solidify their line and give new QB Brad Johnson all the tools to be productive.
22 Rod Gardner WR Clemson
The Colts still haven't found a solid #2 WR. Gardner at #22 is a no brainer even though they still have defensive needs.
23 Todd Heap TE Arizona St.
Made some additions at WR so they'll grab the best TE availble in the draft and add to an already good offense. Gibson and Archueleta could get a look here if the Saints go defense.
24 Santana Moss WR Miami
Defensive Secondary could use some help, but will only be the pick if one of the above CBs fall. Moss will be an excellent 3rd WR for this offense and add another big play element.
25 Chris Chambers WR Wisconsin
I'm still not convinced that James Thrash will win the starting job and I don't think the Eagles are either. Look for them to grab the best WR on the board at this point.
26 Quincy Morgan WR Kansas St.
Would rather use this pick on Brees or Heap. If they're gone look for them to add depth at WR.
27 Marcus Stroud DT Georgia
Defense seems to be getting worse rather than better. If a DT is added in free agency look for a CB to be drafted here.
28 Quenton Carver LB Arkansas
Carver is a good value at #28 for the Raiders and a good fit for their defense. Carver can compete with Barton for the starting spot. Gibson is a strong possibility if he falls.
29 Torrence Marshall LB Oklahoma
Probably regarded as more of a second round talent but the Rams won't take a chance on loosing him. He has the potential to be a good LB and will get plenty of chances with the Rams.
30 Jamar Fletcher CB Wisconsin
The Ravens exposed some holes in the Giants defensive backfield. Fletcher could be starting by mid-season.
31 Dominic Raiola C Nebraska
We know they don't need help on defense, Raiola can help the interior offensive line. If one of the WRs above fall to here the Ravens might take a shot on him.

Round 2

32 LaMont Jordan RB Maryland
Grabbing Vick and Jordan with their first two picks is a good start at rebuilding for the Chargers.
33 Damione Lewis DT Miami
Lewis has first round talent but if he falls into the second he won't last too long. The Browns could really use a talent like him along the line.
34 Willie Howard DE Stanford
Desperately need defensive line help, selecting a DT and DE with their first two picks should cover it.
35 Steve Hutchinson OG Michigan
Too good to fall much farther.
36 Marques Sullivan OT Illinois
If they find a QB, they'll have most offensive pieces in place. They'll take a long look at RBs Thomas, Barlow, and Henry here if Corey Dillon leaves via free agency.
37 Shaun Rogers DT Texas
Is it me or were the Cowboys giving up 200 yard rushing games every other week last year? They need a run stopper, Rogers is a big body that can help.
38 Anthony Thomas RB Michigan
This pick makes sense if they pass on a RB in Round 1. Thomas is very productive and a good receiver out of the backfield. He can play HB or FB. Good pick.
39 Chad Johnson WR Oregon St.
Johnson is a big, physical WR who has the potential to be a star. Lack of experience will drop him to round 2. The Pats could use another solid WR opposite Terry Glenn.
40 Kendrell Bell LB Georgia
Doesn't seem like they are going to land Kirkland. Will address MLB position in the draft.
41 Ken Lucas DB Mississippi
If they go RB in 1st round look for them to come back and address defense in round 2.
42 Tommy Polley LB Florida St.
Don't expect the Rams to select very many offensive players in this year's draft.
43 Keith Adams LB Clemson
A bit undersized but is a good player. He'll take some time but he'll be a starter in Jacksonville.
44 Chad Ward OG Washington
Passed on OL in favor of RB in 1st round. Now they'll add some blocking depth.
45 Reggis Wayne WR Miami
Badly need help at WR. Good move to wait until 2nd round. Wayne can contribute as the 3rd WR right away and maybe even challenge for a starting spot.
46 Cedric Scott DE Southern Mississippi
Already lost Marcelus Wiley to free agency, the Bills will need to replace him.
47 Freddie Mitchell WR UCLA
Probably won't fall this far but the Pack would love to give Farve a legitimate second option to Freeman.
48 Aaron Schobel DE TCU
A consistent player with a good work ethic. Nice player at #48.
49 Ryan Pickett DT Ohio St.
There is talk of moving Shaun Ellis to DT. Pickett could allow them to leave him at DE.
50 Casey Rabach C Wisconsin
May be a DT if they pass on one in the first round or possibly CB Will Allen. Rabach can replace Dawson.
51 Alge Crumpler TE North Carolina
The Bucs add a solid all around TE.
52 Kenny Smith DT Alabama
The Colts need some help at DT, Smith is a guy that could step in and play a lot this year.
53 Travis Henry RB Tennessee
Ricky Williams has had injury problems in each of his 1st two years. Henry showed at Tennesse he can be a solid backup(to Jamal Lewis) and fill in without the offense missing a beat.
54 Will Allen CB Syracuse
A DT, 2 LBs, and now a CB should give the Rams some fresh legs on defense this year.
55 Karon Riley DE Minnesota
Could use a RB here too. If one of the above backs fall they might take a shot on him instead, otherwise the pick will be a DE.
56 Brain Allen LB Florida St.
Might take a look at a RB, if a second round quality player is not available here they'll take the best player on the board.
57 Willie Middlebrooks CB Minnesota
The Vikings still don't seem to be able to cover anyone so they'll take a shot on a local guy here at CB.
58 Maurice Williams OT Michigan
Showed us last year that a great line can make a great running back. Here, they'll add youth and talent.
59 Adam Archuleta S Arizona St.
If Gibson is gone in round 1, Archuleta will be their man in round 2. He'll compete for playing time with Anthony Dorsett.
60 Andre Dyson CB Utah
Dyson can help the Titans with the loss of Denard Walker.
61 Kareem McKensie OT Penn St.
Lomas Brown is getting older so they'll need McKensie for insurance and groom him to take over.
62 Ken-Yon Rambo WR Ohio St.
They're a little thin at WR, Rambo might push Stokley for the #3 WR spot.

Round 3

63 James Jackson RB Miami
A nice of change of pace back. Could take over as starter when Staley is done.
64 Hakim Akbar S Washington
This defense needs so much help it can only get better.
65 Kyle Vanden Bosch DE Nebraska
Defense is steadily improving but still missing some pieces.
66 Dwight Smith CB Akron
Add some depth at DB. Could battle with last year's second rounder Mark Roman for positioning on the depth chart.
67 Chris Weinke QB Florida St.
May take a shot in 2nd round, but either way I think he is destined for Atlanta. They'll use him this year as soon as Chandler gets hurt.
68 Ronney Daniels WR Auburn
Need to add depth and consistency at WR.
69 Kevan Barlow HB Pittsburg
Throw one more RB into the committee approach.
70 Sedrick Hodge LB North Carolina
Could work his way into the lineup if their run defense is as bad as it was last year.
71 David Warren DE Florida St.
Still in a rebuilding phase on defense.
72 Ennis Davis DT USC
Davis was considered to be a top DL at draft time last year but has fallen a bit. Good pick for the pack here.
73 Carlos Polk LB Nebraska
Will compete with T.J. Slaughter to succeed Hardy Nickerson.
74 Mike McMahon QB Rutgers
QBs currently on roster have virtually no experience. They may need to develop a QB for the future. McMahon has some potential.
75 Rudi Johnson HB Auburn
Would love to aquire a QB and keep their 1st round pick to draft a RB. This likely won't be the case so they'll bring in more competition at the RB position.
76 Tay Cody CB Flodia St.
Injuries depleted the Bills secondary last year. They need to add depth.
77 Markus Steele LB USC
Chiefs are giving up on the idea that Gary Stills is going to be a starter.
78 Floyd Womak OG Mississippi
Lost Hartings to free agency.
79 Correll Buckhalter RB Nebraska
Jets are looking for a back to relieve Curtis Martin for a few runs during the game.
Forfeited for salary cap violations.
81 Paul Zukauskas OG Boston College
Packers strengthening both lines in the early rounds.
82 Tony Stewart TE Penn St.
Dilger is on the way out and Pollard doesn't seem like an every down TE yet.
83 Mario Fatafehi DT Kansas St.
Heavily addressing needs along the DL.
84 Alex Bannister WR Eastern Kentucky
Good physical game but needs time to develop. Could be a good one and will have time to learn from talented Rams WRs already on roster. May be ready by the time Bruce leaves.
85 Brandon Spoon LB North Carolina
MLB Duncan is only signed for one more year.
86 Quincy Carter QB Georgia
If they haven't already picked a QB, they will seriously start to consider one in rounds 3 and 4.
87 Ryan Goven LB North Dakota
Vikings already lost Rudd and could use lots of help on defense. They have their eye on this guy.
88 Roland Seymour DE Florida St.
Looking to add a DE in free agency as well, if that is the case they may look for a WR here.
89 Edgerton Hartwell LB Western Illinois
Trotter situation is still up in the air.
90 DeLawrence Grant DE Oregon St.
Currenty thin at DE, they need some bodies in camp at this position
91 James Boyd S Penn St.
Can compete for starting job at FS this year.
92 Jonas Jennings OG Georgia
Adding youth to a veteran OL.
93 Idrees Bashir S Memphis
Could battle for playing time with the loss of Herring to free agency.
94 Tarlos Thomas OT Florida St.
95 Omar Smith OG Kentucky
Offensive line could solidifying. Adding an OT and an OG is a good start.
96 Brandon Whinney OT LSU
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