Types of Fantasy Leagues


This page contains the basics about a few different types of fantasy football leagues. There are others besides those currently listed and we'll continue to update this page before the season starts. If you would like to contribute a new type of league, email us with it and we add it here and also give you credit for the addition.

Traditional/Seasonal League
This is a league with no carry over players. That means each season starts fresh with each team drafting an entire roster from scratch and usually the owners of the teams in the league tend to vary from year to year. This is probably the most common type of league because it involves a minimal commitment from the owners and only average amout of knowledge about football is necessary.
Keeper League
This is a league in which the owners of the teams in the league are allowed to keep the players that they drafted from season to season. The drafting pool each season is composed of the players who were not on a team at the end of the previous season and the incoming rookies of that year. Usually, the owners in a keeper league tend to remain the same since there is more a long term stake in a keeper league. That means that these leagues are usually a little harder to get into because the existing teams have already been playing in it for one or more years and they may be harder to get started since it requires more than a single season amount of effort.
Modified Keeper League
See Keeper League. This is a keeper league in which the team owners are only allowed to keep a certain amount of players from season to season, usually between 2-5. Other differences could include a maximum number of years that you can hold onto one player so that one team can't have one great draft and just hold on to those players forever. The extent to which these rules are modified is usually up to the commishioner, however, so they will vary from league to league.
Points Only League
This type of league can be either a traditional/seasonal league or a keeper league. This type of league is different because of the scoring system it uses. Most leagues award points for offensive players for yards gained(rushing, passing, recieving), TDs, FGs, 2-point conversions, etc. On defense points are usually awarded to individual players for tackles, sacks, interceptions, safties, defensive TDs and to teams for sacks, interceptions, safties, defensive and special teams TDs. In a points only league, however, points are only awarded to a fantasy team when a memeber of that team scores a point via TD, FG, safety, 2-point conversion, defensive TD, or special teams TD. This is obviously much easier to keep track of for a commishioner but the players in the league must be more knowledgable about football. For example, a star HB who rushes for 200 yds a game would not be worth as much as his backup who is the goal-line back and comes in for 3 rushes per game and scores 3 TDs.
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